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added Kim Sang Woo profile to the blog

love love love his face!


added Kim Sang Woo profile to the blog

love love love his face!


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난 하루종일 니 생각해: heechul-ssi: ENGSUB SJ VARIETY SHOWSThis was supposed to be my own...



This was supposed to be my own reference only, but since i already finished it all and i dont need this anymore so i decided to share it you guys and also for the previous anon.

NOTE: i made this compilation year ago so idk if all the videos are…


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(Details) Jan van Eyck painting “Ghent Altarpiece”, finished 1432.

This is amazingly beautiful!!

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iheartMin: ELF think before you judge.


Han Geng, a son of a poor family just wanted to give his parents a convenient life. He traded those possible memories with his family to uncertain dreams. He flew to Korea to become a trainee, without understanding a single word besides “안녕하세요/Hello.” But he never gave up. He kept on going. Having…

I see no difference :) HyukJae♥ on We Heart It.

Love Eun Hyuk


City in the sky - concept architecture

By: Tsvetan Toshkov

The project started in London with few companies and artists invited to create a vision for the future mega developed city. The metropolis depicted in the video is New York since that’s where most of the production happened. The overall “Megatropolis” project didn’t make it to its final stage but the concept grew into this architectural utopia.

"City in the sky" is a concept about an imaginary tranquil oasis above the mega developed and polluted city where one can escape from the everyday noise and stress. The concept is inspired by the Lotus flower which is known for its ability to emerge above the murky waters pure and clean.

The haiku poem in the beginning of the video is by the Japanese author Kobayashi Issa. One translation of the poem is:

this world
full of needles and thorns …
yet lotus blooms

music & sound design by Georgi Marinov /
We did this in our spare time and it was a great learning experience. Special thanks to all who share their professional knowledge!

Rendered with 3DSMAX and V-Ray. Some footage and time-lapses shot with Canon5D MKII in New York City. Post&FX in AE.
More info & images @

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'Make no little plans.'


Cyrus Kabiru (b. 1974, Nairobi, Kenya)
Lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya

African Resources (from the “C-Stunner” series), 2012 
Mixed media (perforated scrap metal, glass beads and plastic bottle caps) Courtesy the artist

In love with this!

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Spanish painter Eloy Morales paints hyper-realistic self portraits, focusing on the inner psyche of himself rather than the physicality of the paint

This blew my mind!

Oh I loved it! <3 lmao

Chinchilla in My Pocket: I think a lot of Kpop fans owe a big thank you to Super Junior's Han Geng.


After all, because he was one of the first Chinese Kpop artists, he had to struggle through learning Korean, having to wear a mask onstage, and countless visa problems, all so he could perform. Not to mention how he was treated in SM, eventually leading to the lawsuit. Because…

This is the biggest truth I’ve read on the subject… If it wasn’t 4 him the road would be harder or nearly impossible 4 the others… Selfish are those who still danced and continued to sing along while their hyung was forced to wear a mask, they could have said ” Hey wait a minute this is morally wrong We stand together, we will not do this”. But instead they declared him selfish for fighting for his dignity and self respect. Give me a break! Instead of criticism he should be admired for having the courage at such a young age to stand up for his rights and the rights of others. Hangeng you are hero in my book! Love you!


Super Junior’s selcas together through the years

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by Shin Sunmi

당신이 잠든사이6, 80x78cm, 장지에 채색, 2008

I love this!

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Siwon’s selcas.

Who doesn’t love this?

Siwon Oh Siwon…

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